I took photos of the kids and printed them in black and white. Then we did some "Creative Cropping" on the photo copy. We then drew a grid overlay for the photo and grided off their drawing paper in 2" squares. They then drew themselves, grid by grid. This is an amazing way for placement of eyes, nose, etc. We used a 2B and 3B graphite pencil for shading. They used their finger to lay in areas of dark and then shaded more with their pencil.


Crash hates being grounded as in on the ground. Crash is at the E.R. a lot. How do you think he got his name? When the doctor takes his wings away for awhile he just uses his inflated hands. His favorite food is what he finds in the sky. He loves the feeling of the air swinging his hair around. One time when he was getting stitches the needle fell into his body and the surgeon could not find it in his body.

Tulane is the president of Timpletown. He loved carrots. That is the only thing he ate. His hobbies were hopping down the carrot farms and picking the best carrots and hanging out with his friends, Marley and Maggie. His favorite Holiday is Easter because it involves rabbits. His favorite music is "Hop 'N' Roll".

He likes to hit Cate with dodge balls. He hates vegetables. His favorite Holiday is Easter. He likes sharks. He wants a T.V. His favorite candy is M&M's. He tries to destroy cars and Lady Long Legs. His favorite fruit is the avacodo. His favorite hobby is painting and He eats birds.

He likes food and dinner. Happy Birthday Eagle Hawk!

My puppet likes pizza. My puppet likes to play soccer.

He likes pizza and french fries. He likes to play soccer. His favorite subject is math. His favorite color is the rainbow.

The thang loves to hypnotize people. It's favorite song is rap! It loves to eat "Winged Things". It also loves to do parties. It's favorite sport is wrestling. It's favorite movie is the "Attack of the People from the Sky". It hates flowers and she eats them. Stay away from her. She loves to destroy big cities. THE END

My butterfly's name is Keara. She loves to play. She's always happy. Keara lives in a treetop. She has lots of room. She uses it to play.

Sally likes cheetos.

Lucy likes lollipops. Lucy likes birds. Lucy likes ice cream.

Coocie lives on a iland. Her Berthday is on June the 10. She is a mocky with 3 eyes. She has black heir. She dose not like snacs. But she loves ladebugs and cockliet to. But most of all she likes coocies. Because her name is Coocie. She loves going to the moive thedes. I like the movie thedes to. She was born today. She has a diffret coler tail. She loves the smell of flowers. But most of all she like the smell of flowers. She has a zipper on her nose and her mouth to. She has pockadoted legs and dimend arms. She has sparcells in her heir and a hat and ers.

Dred lives on an island with a duck named "IT". Dred enjoys surfing and playing the Tom Toms. Dred is on a strict diet of eating coconuts and drinking mango juice. Dred is a professional Dred-Lock maker. He works in a shop named "Island Locks". Although, few people come into his shop to get this weird style, he still makes money off of coconut surf-boards.

IT is Dred's pet duck. IT likes to sit and lay in the hot sun. IT enjoys eating pineapples with crab on top of it. While Dred is off at work, IT stares into space making pictures out of clouds until Dred comes back. IT is called "IT" because he is the only duck on the island that is blue and has spots.

Ellie is an Elephant. She lives on a tropical island in Africa. She loves bright colors. She eats peanut butter. Ellie enjoys dressing up, doing nails, and cooking. Her birthday is June 11th. Ellie loves makeup. She likes to dance. Her favorite dance is the "Cha Cha". Her favorite song is "She's Country". Her favorite TV show is "John and Kate plus Eight". She likes to drink Dr. Pepper.

His favret color is green. He likes to play videio games. He likes to go to the movies. He likes to eat pizza.

Oswald is a quiet "Sock Creature". He usually sits at his home, at the beach, and writes books. He is really a famous author, but goes under the pen name "Marlin Happy". He doesn't want anyone to know who he really is because he enjoys his quiet life. When he isn't writing books, Oswald is reading them. His favorites are Mysteries and a good Science Fiction tale. When he can get the electricity to work, he watches old movies. Even though it is just a short walk from the beach, his house is surrounded lots of trees and jungle plants. He eats lots of fruit from the tropical plants an sometimes he can give the pizza delivery guy good enough directions to actually get to his house. Sometimes his friends come and visit him (usually when he has writer's block) and they go to swim in the ocean or walk in the forest or even play Twister. They sometimes go to the village and shop or eat in the diner. Oswald is the best writer in the "Sock Creature World" and hopes to remain that way.

I had the children choose three different socks. They were then told to create a Creature. Within minutes they had visualized what their creature was going to look like. This was an amazing process to watch as their creative minds took off. They did all of their own sewing and stuffing. All I did was some cutting of arms, legs and threading of needles. After their creation was finished they were to name it, write a narrative paragraph about it and then draw it. As you can see by the results they had fun!


I had each student draw and color a picture of themselves first. Then we used newspaper, masking tape, and plaster gauze to create these wonderful scupltural self-portraits. As you can see there is definately a resemblence. They had so much fun!

"STARRY NIGHT" in yarn

I had my students look at Van Gogh's "Starry Night. I gave them each a black "16X20" foam core. They then drew a simple basic outline of the painting with a white prisma color pencil. They looked at a line drawing that I had done of the painting. Each drawing was their own.

Next they put Elmers Glue in a section of their drawing and began laying down the yarn. They matched colors of yarn with the painting.

As you can see the end result is amazing. Each one was different and yet you know it was inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night.